February 12, 2016

The ONC’s Certified Health IT Product List Total Swells to 126

The ONC Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) has finally been updated today and now lists a total of 126 different product certifications that have been awarded through November 24th.   Drummond Group certifications have increased significantly – they have now issued 35 certifications.  CCHIT has issued 89 certifications and Infoguard is on the board having issued their initial two certifications.

The list had been updated fairly frequently but the last gap between updates was 12 days so while certifications are increasing the updates have come less frequently.   We keep a link to the list on the EHR Resources section on the right side of EMR Daily News.

Remember, you can find information, advise and product demonstrations on many of the EHRs listed on the Certified Health IT Product List from our partner Software Advantage.  The advise they provide is without cost to you.  If they are able to help you identify a certified EMR product that is a good fit for your organization, they (and we) earn a small fee from the product vendor.