February 8, 2016

The Android Market Contains five EHR/EMR Products

The Android App Store is (finally) available through a computer web browser so people without Android devices can now view product offerings.

It’s early days for HealthIT on the Android platform so there are limited product offerings currently available.  A search on EHR (image above) lists only two products, while a search on EMR finds a few more, some of which do not offer English language versions.

Between the two categories there are five products listed that offer some value and all of the products are currently free.

  • drchron EMR/EHR (for use with the full drchrono EHR platform) $Free
  • Allscripts Remote for Android (for use with Allscripts EHR systems) $Free
  • EMR-Bear Mobile (for use with EMR-Bear EMR) $Free
  • SmartEMR Mobile (promotional feature for SmartEMR account holders) $Free
  • OncoEMR (smartphone front-end for Altos OncoEMR EMR system) $Free

Each of these products are Android platform interfaces to full featured products.  In terms of download volume to date they range from pretty small numbers, into the thousands.

I would expect this category within the Android Market to grow quickly as more vendors realize that the iPhone app store is no longer the only game in town.


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