July 30, 2015

Dr. Claude Ouimet Joins SuccessEHS as Chief Medical Officer

SuccessEHS announces that Dr. Claude Ouimet has joined the staff as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Ouimet has utilized the SuccessEHS Electronic Health Record and Practice Management solution for more than 11 years in his role as Deputy Health Officer at the Jefferson County Department of Health, the largest county health department in the state of Alabama. His professional experience also includes serving on the faculty of the School of Medicine and the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Ouimet is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and Past President of the Alabama Chapter of the AAFP. He has also served as Chairman of the Technology Committee of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama.

In his role as CMO, Dr. Ouimet will further advance SuccessEHS’s efforts to provide technology solutions and services that help clients achieve greater efficiencies and growth. Dr. Ouimet will lead SuccessEHS’s physician panel in providing input on enhancements to the design and usability of the SuccessEHS product suite.

“The Jefferson County Department of Health went live on the SuccessEHS solution in 2000 as one of the company’s earliest clients,” Dr. Ouimet said. “Over the years, I have watched the technology evolve, and used nearly every feature of the solution. In my new role, I hope to use my experience as a physician user to bring insights to the development and innovation of SuccessEHS products and services.”

Under Dr. Ouimet’s leadership, the Jefferson County Department of Health received numerous accolades for its role as an early adopter of health information technology and its position as a thought leader among public health organizations. As a leader in public health, the Jefferson County Department of Health has been using the SuccessEHS EHR to collaborate with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on grants and surveillance. The health department’s EHR database holds nearly 4 million clinical encounters and more than 345,000 unique patients, and the county has led the nation with its child immunization rate.

“The Jefferson County Department of Health has been truly innovative under Dr. Ouimet’s leadership, and we are excited to bring that innovation to our customers by having him on board,” said W. Sanders Pitman, President and CEO at SuccessEHS. “His extensive experience and viewpoint as a physician will be a crucial element in our efforts to provide technology solutions that support physicians in providing quality care and in growing their business.”