February 9, 2016

EZ DERM EHR App Now Powered by Nuance Healthcare 360 | Development Platform

Nuance Communications

Nuance Communications, Inc., and EZ DERM, LLC™ have announced that the EZ DERM electronic health record iPad app is now powered by the Nuance Healthcare 360 | Development Platform. The EZ DERM EHR joins a growing list of healthcare apps that incorporate Nuance’s cloud-based, medical speech recognition technology to allow physicians to use their voice for app interaction and navigation, as well as for clinical documentation while on-the-go.“There’s broad physician demand for health IT applications, specifically EHRs, to be more user-friendly and intuitive”

According to a recent survey from the American Academy of Dermatology, only 33.7 percent of dermatologists are satisfied with their current EHR. The EZ DERM iPad app, which is being launched this week at the 70th Annual American Academy of Dermatology conference, aims to address current frustrations with EHR technology already on the market. EZ DERM is the only dermatology-specific EHR that is solely based on the iPad® mobile platform and employs patent-pending 3D anatomical maps of the human body, Nuance speech recognition, and clinical decision-support.

“As a dermatologist, I have first-hand insight into the problems plaguing today’s EHR platforms, most of which are based on the cumbersome desktop or laptop platforms that rely on keyboard data entry. Allowing dermatologists, who can see up to a hundred patients a day, a touch-based and speech-driven technology was a logical solution for busy dermatology practices,” said Srdjan Prodanovich, MD, FAAD and founder of EZ DERM, LLC. “The EZ DERM app was specifically designed to improve care and help dermatologists manage patients in an intuitive, efficient and mobile way. Leveraging the 360 | Development Platform was a no-brainer for us. Nuance is the leader in medical speech recognition and offers a proven benefit for our app that not only differentiates it, but makes it highly usable.”

With Nuance Healthcare-powered mobile apps, clinicians can use their voice for app interaction and navigation, as well as for mobile clinical documentation, leading to the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity as a result of speaking vs. typing and, in turn, improved physician satisfaction with mobile device use;
  • Cost savings from eliminating traditional documentation processes involving paper, medical transcription support and caregiver time; and
  • Highly-detailed patient notes that capture unique details from the patient encounter at the point-of-care.

“There’s broad physician demand for health IT applications, specifically EHRs, to be more user-friendly and intuitive,” said Jonathon Dreyer, Nuance Healthcare mobile solutions. “We’ve designed the 360 | Development Platform with the industry’s ease-of-use demand in mind, and to provide developers with an easy to implement tool that will differentiate and enhance their m-Health applications. As the mobile clinician becomes more commonplace, we expect continued integration of our speech-enabled development platform as a means to drive an array of voice-driven healthcare apps aimed at simplifying the mobile experience.”

The Nuance Healthcare 360 | Development Platform supports multiple devices and operating systems. By providing all CPU intensive voice and language processing in the cloud, this platform enables speech and language understanding technologies to be integrated as part of browser-based applications, mobile applications and thin-client desktop solutions.