March 1, 2015


Stephen Campbell

EMR Daily News was launched by me, Stephen Campbell in May of 2009.  My background is computer software and I’ve been in that business for 25 + years.

I’ve founded or co-founded six technology companies, half of which were sold to much larger companies.  In addition to EMR Daily News I’m a co-founder and president of a company called My Docs Online.   A significant number of  the My Docs Online customer base are either physician practices or medical transcription business.

I launched EMR Daily News to learn more about health information technology and to share what I’ve learned with readers.  I’ve met a number of incredibly bright people in this space and I look forward to meeting more of you as the site continues to grow.

Additionally, I’m a writer of fiction and host a weekly radio show, called Murders, Mysteries and Mayhem, where I interview mystery and thriller writers.  My first full length crime novel will be published in December of this year.

Writers & Editors

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Disclosures and Relationships

EMR Daily News is in business to make money.  We do this through affiliate relationships and the sale of advertising.   EMR Daily News has an affiliate relationship with Software Advice because with over 300 different products in the marketplace we believe that any practice without an existing IT Staff needs help in selecting the right product.  The Software Advice service is free to end users.  They (and we) get paid if a good match is made between a vendor and a practice.

EMR Daily News also has an affiliate relationships with

EMR Daily News also sells advertising on the site and we run both image and text ads on throughout the site.   Our advertisers may receive preferred placement of articles and other content including product reviews.  However, you can rest easy that any product or service promoted or reviewed is something we know, like and trust.  We will not promote anything that we don’t think will help you build a more efficient medical practice.

The Blog is published by CamVen, LLC.  Two members of CamVen, LLC also work for My Docs Online, Inc.