February 13, 2016

EMR Resources

Free Help with the Selection of EMR Software

We have partnered with the experts at Software Advice to provide these great free resources to help you with your software selection process. Download these presentations and tools to get organized, stay on track and make the right decisions at every step.

Ten Steps to Selecting the Right Medical Software A straight forward tutorial on the ten steps you should follow to select EHR or practice management software. Follow this advice and you’ll save weeks of research and countless mistakes.


The Medical Software Market Map – An easy-to-understand primer on the EHR software market. Learn the five primary criteria that differentiate EHR software products and gain the context you need to start evaluating systems in more detail.

Medical Software Feature Checklist – An Excel spreadsheet that allows you to compare up to five EHR software systems against sixty-five of the most important software evaluation criteria. Stay organized with this super handy evaluation tool.

How to Qualify for EHR Stimulus Funds under ARRA – Everything you need to know about the latest definitions of “meaningful use” and “qualified EHR” under the ARRA stimulus fund program. Understand these requirements and make sure you qualify for EHR subsidies.

ARRA Meaningful Use Feature Checklist – An Excel spreadsheet that allows you to compare up to five EHR software systems against the key requirements of the ARRA stimulus fund program. Ensure your qualification with this simple checklist.

Apples-to-Apples Software Price Comparison Tool– A simple Excel spreadsheet that allows you to compare detailed price quotes from up to five software vendors on a “normalized” basis. Make sure you compare the real costs of each system on an “apples-to-apples” basis.

How to Access Vendor Viability – A straight forward guide that outlines the biggest risks you face when you partner with a new software vendor. Before you buy, make sure your vendor is financially stable and strategically viable.

The services provided by our partner Software Advice are 100% free for software buyers. They make their money from the hundreds of software vendors that promote their products through Software Advice. They get paid when they make a good match between a software buyer and a software vendor, so they’re motivated to find the right software for every buyer.

With over 300 vendors marketing and selling EMR software you need the kind expertise provided by Software Advice when selecting a product.