Interesting Results from the Healthcare Buzz EMR Survey

In November 2010 HealthLeaders Media conducted a survey of executives from healthcare provider organizations who work in a hospital or health system setting.  The survey was brief, only three questions long and they received 183 responses.

The three questions asked involved:

  1. Plans Toward Implementing an EMR System
  2. Plans for Funding EMR Systems for Independent Medical Groups
  3. Would those EMR Solutions for Independent Medical Groups include a Practice Management Solution?

As you might expect the vast majority had plans to implement in the coming 3 years.  Only 21% claimed to have a fully implemented system right now.  Amazingly enough, 4% said they had no plans to implement an EMR system.  Admittedly this is a small sample size but with 183 responses that means that 7 have no plans to implement an EMR system.

The results of the survey are interesting and amazingly easy to digest.  You can read a results article and download the survey results (no charge) on the HealthLeaders Media website.