WellSpan Health

WellSpan Health is the first to go live with smart pump auto-programming and infusion management technology from Cerner Corporation. This one-of-a-kind technology allows clinicians to automatically program infusion pumps with patients’ order information and aggregate real-time infusion and medical device data into the electronic health record (EHR). York Hospital’s Medical-Surgical ICU is using this technology, powered by the Cerner CareAware® device connectivity architecture, and has seen great benefits, including:

  • The reduced nursing time required for infusion documentation
  • Decreased potential for adverse drug events
  • Reduced IV medication administration programming time
  • Increased compliance with medication orders
  • Decreased time spent on device connectivity troubleshooting
  • Reduced time spent retroactively charting

Clinicians at WellSpan Health are able to automatically send data from Symbiq smart IV pumps utilizing the Hospira MedNet™ Safety software to the Cerner Millennium® EHR without needing a nurse or other staff member to transcribe titration data or volumes infused. The CareAware technology combines the safety features of an auto-programmed infusion pump with software that improves clinical visibility to real-time infusion data. The solution aggregates medical device data into the EHR so that clinicians have a complete picture of the patient’s health status in relation to the medications that are infusing. Clinicians can also view this information in an organized dashboard view that gives a summary of all relevant health information. It also enables caregivers to spend less time manually entering device data into the EHR and spend more time at the patient’s bedside providing quality care.

According to KLAS, no other hospital is using technology that automates the infusion management process from beginning to end, including bar-code scanning of medical devices and patients’ wristbands, verifying the five rights of medication administration and auto programming of the orders placed in the EHR.

Jason Hess, GM, Clinical Research, KLAS said, “One of the frequent challenges KLAS hears from providers, specifically in pharmacy and nursing, is around keeping tabs on which patients are being infused, which drips need replenishing and where restocking needs to occur. It’s a significant impact on workflow and one where real-time data on infusions by way of a dashboard product, could be a game-changer. To date, KLAS is not aware of any other CIS vendor providing this functionality.  I suspect Cerner will find fertile ground as they go to the market with the unique proof point of their first live customer using this real-time infusion product.”