Accenture and MOH Holdings Singapore have launched one of the world’s first national electronic health record (NEHR) systems. Aligned to Singapore’s “one patient, one record” vision, the NEHR enables a single patient health record for clinicians to access across the healthcare continuum.

As patients visit providers – including primary care clinics, acute and community hospitals – healthcare professionals will be able to access a single patient record for medical information. The NEHR captures medical data, including patient demographics, diagnosis, medications, tests, procedures, and discharge summaries, for exchange among clinicians.

“Our goal is for all Singapore health organizations to have real-time clinical information for treating patients,” said Dr. Sarah Muttitt, Chief Information Officer, MOH Holdings. “This milestone represents a significant step towards achieving our vision.”

“The NEHR will enable insight-driven health through the timely access to holistic patient information,” said John Vidas, who leads Accenture’s health business in the Asia Pacific. “Singapore’s vision, leadership, and innovation will establish standards and best practices for other regions to follow.”

The Singapore NEHR go-live is the first phase of the effort and was deployed in 10 months. The NEHR is designed to improve the quality of healthcare for citizens, lower the costs of health services, and promote more effective health policies. Patients also benefit from proper right-sited care, disease management, and cost savings, as duplicate or unnecessary tests are eliminated and medication errors are reduced.

The Accenture team includes Oracle, Orion Health, Initiate (IBM), and Hewlett-Packard.