Consult A Doctor Named Top Global Innovator at 2011 Americas Venture Capital Conference

Miami, FL., November 21, 2011 — Consult A Doctor, an innovator of telemedicine services and cloud-based platform solutions for employers, health plans, providers and patients, today announced its selection as the “Top Global Innovative Ventures” company of the year at Americas Venture Capital Conference (AVCC). Of the one hundred applicants for the 2011 AVCC, Consult A Doctor was one of only twelve companies across the Americas identified to present at the conference, and the exclusive winner of the $10,000 grand prize and the annual Tres Mares Artistic award of fine art, valued at over $10,000. Consult A Doctor donated the prize money back to the AVCC as a gesture to assist the organization with its entrepreneurial program and encourage other companies to innovate.

To qualify for the “Top Global Innovative Venture” recognition, the twelve selected companies representing seven countries had to give a 10-minute presentation outlining their business plans and success strategies to a panel of judges and hundreds of attendees, including venture capitalists and private investors. Consult A Doctor’s presentation, led by its Founder and CEO, Wolf Shlagman, focused on the transformative nature of telemedicine to expand healthcare access, reduce costs, and improve outcomes. The presentation demonstrated how to Consult A Doctor’s telemedicine services and platform enables individuals to access licensed, board-certified physicians and receive remote consultations through telephone, email, and video. In addition, the presentation detailed how Consult A Doctor gives employers, providers and health plans the ability to provide 24/7 healthcare access to employees, patients, and members, including diagnosis and treatment with a prescription if appropriate. Consult A Doctor is solving some of healthcare’s biggest challenges while empowering individuals to make better and more cost-effective health decisions. The telemedicine market today is currently valued at $5 billion worldwide and projected to increase to $24 billion by 2016.

“We are humbled and honored to be named the Top Global Innovative Venture by this internationally recognized organization. It is a testament to the impact our highly personalized healthcare technology can make to reduce the healthcare costs of every organization and individual across the globe,” said Shlagman. “We have recently seen an influx of very high-profile investment dollars coming into the telemedicine space and this award further validates the momentum of this disruptive technology, the fastest-growing segment of healthcare today. With over 200,000 consultations, Consult A Doctor is at the forefront of the telemedicine revolution and ultimately committed to improving the lives of millions of people through our revolutionary healthcare access and delivery solutions.”

The AVCC is a showcase for cutting-edge ventures and innovative enterprises across the Americas to meet established firms and potential investors to develop strategic alliances. As part of the two-day conference’s comprehensive look at entrepreneurship, a wide range of speakers shared their first-person stories of success and insight into overcoming the challenges that face every entrepreneurial venture.

About Consult A Doctor
Consult A Doctor is the leading innovator of cloud-based telemedicine services and technology platform solutions empowering organizations to lower healthcare costs, provide revolutionary access, and improve outcomes. With years of experience delivering direct-to-employer and consumer telemedicine services that offer convenient 24/7 access to doctor consultations by phone, email, and video, Consult a Doctor has saved employers millions of dollars in unnecessary healthcare costs.  Its telemedicine network of U.S. board-certified physicians in all 50 states has made it possible to give on-demand care, anytime, anywhere with access to medically-equivalent care in the lowest-cost setting. Consult A Doctor is further transforming the economic equation of care by partnering with payers, providers, and other organizations to deploy its telemedicine platform solution that grants its members and patients unmatched access to quality care, offers a new revenue source for providers, and lowers costs for health plans, employers and groups.