Misys Open Source Solutions (“MOSS”), a division of Misys plc (FTSE: MSY.L), the world’s first fully open-source, standards-based health information exchange solutions (HIE) provider, has succeeded in passing the stringent IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) testing protocols at the Chicago Connectathon. This extends MOSS’s success in passing all the IHE tests for the last 4 years.

The MOSS HIE is built to be compliant with existing national standards. The fundamental objective of the Misys Connect™ Exchange platform is to provide a secure infrastructure to exchange patient health information in order to advance the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare delivery through the coordination of care between community participants. The platform is a critical element of the HIE infrastructure that provides clinicians and other members of the healthcare community with the right information at the right time by making patient information available across organizational boundaries. It facilitates and streamlines the sharing of patient information throughout an HIE community.

During the IHE Connectathon, held in Chicago, January 9-14, 2012, certifiers reviewed and passed each profile that MOSS had tested. This year, those components included:

  • Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS Registry and Repository)
  • Cross-Community Patient Discovery (XCPD)

Previously certified components from MOSS that comply with IHE profiles include Patient Identifier Cross-Reference and Patient Demographic Query (PIX/PDQ), Audit Trail Node Authentication (ATNA), and Document Metadata Subscription (DSUB) along with Cross-Community Access (XCA) and Cross-User Authentication (XUA).

The Misys Connect™ Exchange, which is the collection of the open-source assets, is the first fully open-source exchange offered anywhere in the world. The software is offered under the commercially friendly Apache v. 2.0 license. MOSS offers fully supported versions as part of the enterprise offerings.

“This is 4th consecutive year for MOSS at IHE Connectathon,” said Konda Mullapudi, Director of Development at Misys. “Health Information Exchange is the next big thing in health information technology and will enable all the disparate EHR and EMR systems to work together so that coordination-of-care at the community-level will become achievable. Having our components certified at the Connectathon demonstrates that we conform to all the standards. By leveraging our open source community, we are able to keep our costs lower and pass on that value to our customers. And having Connectathon certification shows that our components are just as good as any proprietary vendor.”

The MOSS suite of open source technology, which is standards-based, also provides the capability for local communities to share patient records with the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN). MOSS and its contributors have taken the complexity and cost out of the IHE equation by making it freely available to the industry. In addition, MOSS provides optional support and implementation services.

About Misys Open Source Solutions
Misys Open Source Solutions, LLC, a division of Misys plc, supports the Misys banking, treasury & capital markets, and healthcare customers by leading the development of open-source projects to create new services and applications to address these industry’s most difficult problems. Misys Open Source Solutions, based in New York City, is currently leading projects to dramatically reduce atmospheric pollution and improve healthcare delivery.