MedAptus has announced a new ICD-10 software suite with expanded capability that will be available across the company’s Professional, Technical, and Infusion offerings.  The new suite provides clinician-centric diagnosis search and selection tools and support for dual-code set workflows two years ahead of the mandated October 1, 2014, ICD-10 transition date.

The MedAptus ICD-10 technology is an advanced coding, compliance, and analytics engine designed to ease the many challenges associated with organizational adoption of the greatly expanded code set. MedAptus’ recent release of the software is the culmination of three years of development work guided by customer feedback and physician leadership in the company’s product management area.  When the Department of Health and Human Services first announced a likely delay to the implementation of ICD-10, MedAptus maintained its commitment to a Q4 2012 delivery date for its new solution.

MedAptus’ ICD-10 design approach was multi-pronged, focused on providing physicians and other point-of-care users with intuitive code look-up and selection tools as well as enhanced functionality for communication between clinical and administrative end-users. Groups implementing the software well in advance of the mandated ICD-10 crossover will find it has a strong utility to help with training initiatives, documentation audits, education around crosswalk mappings, and phased code set roll-out strategies.

The ICD-10 solution was introduced to customers at MedAptus’ annual customer advisory meeting held in late September in Boston. Several conference sessions included content and subsequent discussion around challenges facing provider groups as they plan for the code set transition. Delivering a keynote address at the meeting was Pam D’Apuzzo, president of RR Health Strategies, a consulting firm focused on practice management and compliance issues. Ms. D’Apuzzo, a recognized industry expert in the area of coding and compliance including ICD-10, encouraged conference attendees to leverage MedAptus’ enhanced capability as a central component of training programs for both providers and administrative personnel.

Conference attendees experienced an interactive demonstration of MedAptus’ new software that included physician and coder workflows utilizing real-world coding and roll-out scenarios, as well as the system’s dual management of both ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes. After viewing the demonstration customers were given the opportunity for hands-on time with the system. According to Watson Clinic LLP Director of Patient Financial Services Stephanie Coggins, an attendee at the MedAptus conference, “We chose MedAptus’ Pro software to streamline our charge capture and management processes ahead of ICD-10. We like the approach the company is taking with the enhanced functionality available in its ICD-10 release and believe that the software will help us further education to all end-users and increase physician comfort with the code set.”

“Given the critical role our solutions play in coding and billing operations at our customer sites, we wanted to make sure we delivered an effective ICD-10 technology as early as possible. It was reinforcing to hear many customers comment that we are ahead of other software suppliers with how we approached system design and the fact that we are making it available so early,” said Gene Schneider, executive vice president of operations at MedAptus. “Overall the response to our software was quite enthusiastic and spurred roll-out planning conversations. We are very energized around ICD-10 and looking forward to partnering with our existing customers in their ICD-10 migration efforts.”