New Tech Report Reveals Mixed Feelings on EHRs from Practices

For the first time ever, Physicians Practice has released a special Tech Report, highlighting our annual Technology Survey and other tech-based content for readers. The Tech Report includes thought-provoking articles and information for tech-minded physicians and practice managers wondering how their technology use stands in comparison to their peers.

The 2016 Tech Report features Physicians Practice’s annual Technology Survey, which asked more than 1,500 physicians and practice managers across the country about their health information technology use. How many practices have adopted an EHR? Are they utilizing the EHR to its fullest capabilities? What about getting a return on investment from the EHR — how many can say they’ve gotten there?

According to respondents, the EHR is still a mixed bag. Nearly half (46.1 percent) of respondents say that their practice is seeing fewer patients per day because of EHR usage and 74.3 percent said they have not seen a return on their EHR investment.  The survey didn’t completely demonstrate a negative view of EHRs. Fifty-nine percent of practices say the EHR has improved documentation and 78 percent are using an app to access their EHR on a mobile device. And a majority of practices are satisfied with their EHR vendor.

Beyond the EHR, the Technology Survey reveals how practices are faring with Meaningful Use compliance, data security, health information exchange, mobile health, patient engagement technologies, and much more.

“This is a complete look at how technology is being adopted in small to mid-sized practices. The information reveals the areas in which physicians are weak, the area’s physicians believe they have a strong grasp of technology, and much more,” states Gabriel Perna, managing editor of Physicians Practice. “It’s clear from the data, there is a wide discrepancy in the adoption of EHRs (nearly 75 percent have implemented one) and other technologies, such as telemedicine (13.6 percent), data analytics (33.1 percent), and voice recognition (31.1 percent).”

The Tech Report also features three feature-length articles:

Physicians Are Excited to Use Mobile EHRs

Many physicians are likely going to give a loud groan when you ask them about EHRs. Why, then, have they warmed up to the mobile experience? The 2016 Technology Survey revealed that 78 percent of physicians have utilized a mobile EHR app. This article looks at why adoption is so high and what can be done to make the technology even more widespread.

Vision 2026: The Physician Office of the Future

Thanks to the 2016 Technology Survey, we know what technologies practices are using today, but what will they be utilizing in 10 years? Here are six possibilities that experts believe will be as widespread as the EHR is today.

Four Technologies You Should Be Using in Your Practice

Physicians and their practices are becoming pretty comfortable using technology, according to the data from Physicians Practice’s 2016 Technology Survey. With this being the case, they should know that technology can ease their most pressing revenue cycle and workflow concerns. Here are four tech tools that will do just that.

“We’re excited to offer this new report for our readers, giving them the valuable information they’ve come to expect from Physicians Practice,” says Perna.