On-demand healthcare and telemedicine company TreatMD has released its practice and billing software. The Practice Suite platform allows providers and healthcare professionals to launch telemedicine services in their practice or facility, connect with new and existing patients, and bill for their telemedicine services.

Additionally, with telemedicine regulations and reimbursement guidelines changing almost daily, TreatMD has customized its Practice Suite platform on a per-state basis, thereby meeting the needs of a provider’s current state regulations and billing requirements for telemedicine reimbursements.

“Most doctors are not aware there are state parity laws that require telemedicine visits to be reimbursed the same amount as an in-office consultation. Today, doctors are finding themselves conducting several types of consultations over the phone and even email, whether it is for a prescription refill or follow-up. By using the TreatMD practice suite, these similar consultations can now be reimbursable and compensate for the doctor’s valuable time.” TreatMD co-founder Michael Muchnick.

More information is available here.