ePatientFinder Partners with athenahealth’s “More Disruption Please” Program, Expanding One of the Nation’s Largest EHR-Driven Clinical Trial Recruitment Networks

ePatientFinder®, a leader in electronic health record-driven clinical trial recruitment, today announced a partnership with athenahealth, Inc., through athenahealth’s More Disruption Please (MDP) program. As a result of the partnership, ePatientFinder is now part of the athenahealth(®) Marketplace offerings — and its innovative solution for clinical trial recruitment is now available to athenahealth’s growing cloud-based network of more than 80,000 healthcare providers.

With access to millions of patient lives and powered by sophisticated algorithms from EHR data, ePatientFinder uses a three-tiered filtering process to help physicians identify and refer patients eligible for clinical trials and newly approved procedures that they likely would not have known about otherwise — with the goal of leaving no patient behind.

Historically, it has been extremely challenging for physicians to follow new clinical trial opportunities available for their patients because of a lack of readily available information on clinical trials being conducted by investigators and sponsors.

“Our patient-centric approach leverages the combined power of ePatientFinder’s Clinical Trial Exchange™ and EHR networks to create awareness of emerging clinical trial opportunities,” said Tom Dorsett, CEO of ePatientFinder. “In the past, patients could only hope that they might hear or see an advertisement on a billboard, on social media, or even on the side of a bus to make them aware of clinical trial options — for which they may or may not be qualified. Through ePatientFinder, patients can learn about the clinical trials that are right for them from their own trusted physicians.”

ePatientFinder’s focus on increasing awareness of clinical trials so that more eligible patients can be enrolled more quickly accelerates the recruitment process, saving many millions of dollars that can instead be used to further drug development and research, Dorsett explained.

“An average of 86 percent of patients express interest in opting into the clinical trial screening process that we offer,” Dorsett said. “As we continue to scale our provider network throughout the country via a growing number of partnerships with EHR companies and trial sponsors, we’ll be able to help even more physicians help their patients.”

Partnerships such as the one with athenahealth underscore ePatientFinder’s leadership role in solving the clinical trial recruitment challenge by leveraging the trusted physician-patient relationship and EHR data. “Our partners share our vision to address inefficiency in the clinical trial recruitment process through the use of technology-enabled solutions,” Dorsett said.