mConsent’s iPad Software Simplifies Patient Check-in Process for Dental Offices
mConsent: Dental App for easy patient check-in (PRNewsFoto/SRS Web Solutions Inc)

SRS Web Solutions is excited to offer mConsent’s iPad software, a simplified check-in process for dental practices designed to facilitate the patient visit process for dental offices.

By transferring dental office check-in and consent forms into a proprietary iPad software, dental practices significantly reduce paper clutter and decrease overhead expenditures attributed to purchasing paper, ink, and printers. In addition, mConsent’s iPad software minimizes the risk of dental offices being found in violation of strict HIPAA guidelines due to misplaced paper forms. Instead, patients simply enter their information on an iPad which gets securely and instantly transmitted to the appropriate office computer.

Advantages of Going Paperless with mConsent’s iPad Software from SRS Web Solutions include:

  • Digital check-in devices, like the iPad, not only save time for busy dental practices but also reduce the workloads of the front staff, who now no longer need to input patient information thereby improving staff productivity. Also, with government reimbursements continuing to fall, dental and other medical practices are under pressure to schedule as many visits as possible in a 10 or 12-hour day.
  • The mConsent software allows patients to check-in at a clinic online which eliminates patient waiting time.
  • Patients can use the mConsent online check-in feature to complete the required paperwork over the computer at home/work or on a smartphone. This helps reduce the patient wait time at a clinic and improves the efficiency of the front office.
  • Seamlessly integrates with major dental practice management systems (EHR)

The mConsent iPad software also expedites updates, verifies patient information, and helps in data accuracy. Moreover, for dental practices considering paperless patient check-ins, the fact that most Electronic Health Records (EHRs) will integrate with digital device-based systems should encourage practices to take further steps in streamlining all aspects of office operations. When patients submit sign-in data using mConsent’s iPad software, information is instantly translated into a dental or medical practice’s EHR.